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Hound’s Top 10 Most Popular Seeker Articles of 2020
 Dated: 12-17-2020

Summary: Read Hound’s 10 Most Popular Articles in 2020.

Can You Listen Well Enough to Be a Chief Listening Officer?
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 05-08-2017

Summary: With an ear for listening and understanding the importance of customer interaction, a chief listening officer is a career path not many have considered, but they may now.

7 Work from Home Jobs Anyone Can Do
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 03-22-2017

Summary: There are numerous jobs out there that can be done from your home that require little to no formal qualifications or skill sets.

7 Ways to Be the Best Intern There Is
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 12-22-2016

Summary: Internships are a great opportunity to learn and grow, but only if you take advantage of the chance to do so.

6 Steps to Finding a Job Where You Can Work Remotely
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 11-02-2016

Summary: Finding a job that lets you work remotely is not impossible anymore if you take the right steps and have the right attitude about the search.

Learn How to Start a Nonprofit Organization
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 10-10-2016

Summary: Starting a nonprofit organization is a great way to be involved in something you are passionate about that can help with the needs in your community.

Computer Occupations Are Where the Job Security Is At
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 09-26-2016

Summary: Occupations relating to computer development are expected to grow by over 17 percent in the next ten years.

Use Your Art Degree as an Art Director
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 09-12-2016

Summary: An art degree is not a waste, like some may make you believe. One way you can use this degree is to become an art director.

Make the Jump and Become a Stunt Person
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 08-29-2016

Summary: The high-intensity world of death defying stunts may be a great option for those that can’t stand the idea of sitting behind a desk and enjoy tumbling around.

Make Work Enjoyable as a Sommelier
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 08-01-2016

Summary: For wine enthusiasts, make your hobby your job by becoming a trained and knowledgeable professional wine steward.

51 Essential Services Virtual Assistants Can Do
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 07-18-2016

Summary: Companies need virtual assistants in more than just one area of their business to help make things run more smoothly and effectively.

7 Tips to Becoming the Best Real Estate Agent
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 06-28-2016

Summary: Real Estate Agents are like any other profession that faces consistent rejection and road blocks along their path to success.

There's More to Forensic Science Than You Think
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 06-13-2016

Summary: A career in forensic science can be a rewarding experience, especially since there are several specialties that you can pursue.

2 Ways to Make Money as a Handmade Artist
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 06-06-2016

Summary: Artists of handmade items such as pottery, crochet, and painting don’t make a lot of extra money. Here are a few ways to increase your profits doing something you love.

25 Podcasts to Set You on the Road to Freelancing Success
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 05-24-2016

Summary: Successfully freelancing into a steady income takes time to build, but knowing where to start requires diligent study.

14 Summer Jobs for Young Adults That Build Experience
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 05-16-2016

Summary: Summer is a great time to build experience and your cash pile before schools starts again in the fall.

Top 10 Dirty Jobs That Pay Well
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 05-09-2016

Summary: The jobs that no one else wants can quite often be very well-paying jobs if you are able to put up with the dirty work.

5 Common Summer Jobs for Teenagers
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 04-25-2016

Summary: With summer upon us, it is time to secure summer jobs and earn some extra cash before school starts again.

Choose the Right Path: PA School or Medical School
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 03-25-2016

Summary: PA school and medical school are great options for anyone interested in working in the medical profession and helping patients, so weigh the options to find the right medical career for you.

Top 20 Best Jobs of the Future
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 03-16-2016

Summary: The next decade holds a lot of promise for these twenty careers. All have salaries above the median annual wage and a strong projection of new positions to be added.

Use These 20 Skills of Great Salespeople in Any Career
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 03-09-2016

Summary: A successful salesperson possesses skills that can benefit anyone in any career. Read through this list to learn what they are and how they can benefit you.

6 Reasons You Should Get Certified in Project Management
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 03-03-2016

Summary: Project Management certification can help advance your career and set you apart from others in your field without the certification.

7 Tech Careers That Don’t Require a Tech Degree
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 02-23-2016

Summary: Tech degrees are not requirements for all tech jobs. Use this list to find out if you can start in the tech industry before getting a formal education.

Design a Roller Coaster as an Engineer
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 02-15-2016

Summary: Go for fun with your engineering degree and work with a team to develop and design the best roller coasters in the world.

What Does It Take to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 02-02-2016

Summary: Different entrepreneurs are often motivated by the same reasons. They are often at the same places in their lives when they finally decide to start a business.

Seven Famous People That Took Career Risks That Ended Up Being Worth It
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 01-21-2016

Summary: Sometimes we have to take risks in our careers in order to make the most of the situation and become successful in making our dreams and goals come true.

Side Jobs Worth the Effort
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 01-12-2016

Summary: Earn a little extra money to help you get out of debt or save a little more each month by taking on a side job. However, you may have to think outside the box to find one that works with your schedule.

Computer Software Engineers Enjoying Job Stability
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 12-28-2015

Summary: A career as a software engineer is a high earning and in demand job where the need is unlikely to diminish any time soon.

Ever Heard of a Court Transcript Proofreader?
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 12-15-2015

Summary: Who knew making an income from home was possible and easy? After getting started, you can work from home as a court transcript proofreader.

Makeup Artists Make More Than You Might Think
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 12-02-2015

Summary: Makeup artists make the most money in big cities like Los Angeles and New York City, but with the proper skills and perseverance, a makeup artist can make their success wherever.

Great Voices Wanted in Voice-Over Work
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 11-16-2015

Summary: Doing voice over work used to be a mostly male industry, but companies are trending towards women with soft, friendly voices.

Toy Makers Have All the Fun
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 11-09-2015

Summary: Being a toy maker may seem like a difficult job because kids’ attention spans are so short, but if you have the right stuff, you will get to have fun designing and testing toys all day.

Jobs You Can Do as a Scuba Diver
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 10-28-2015

Summary: Professional scuba divers have plenty of options. Want to spend your days underwater instead of sitting in an office? Find out what jobs are available.

Explore the World of Healthcare beyond Practicing Medical Positions
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 10-19-2015

Summary: A mostly unknown career as a health information manager is worth looking into if you enjoy working in the medical field. Plus it comes with a decent salary.

Explore a Career as a Wildlife Biologist
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 10-12-2015

Summary: Wildlife biologists can perform a wide variety of jobs, some of which aren’t the most glamorous, but with hard work, finding a dream position is possible.

Becoming a TV Reporter or News Anchor
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 10-05-2015

Summary: TV reporters and news anchors are jobs for those that are passionate about journalism but prefer a more public approach to informing the public about events.

Skin Care Specialists Are Much More than Beauticians
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 09-28-2015

Summary: Skin care specialists may be a good option for those that enjoy the hair and makeup industry but want a more involved career in the health of skin.

How to Become a Veterinary Technician
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 09-21-2015

Summary: Veterinary technicians have an excellent job outlook combined with a rewarding job for those that care about animals.

What Exactly is an Animal Biotechnologist?
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 09-14-2015

Summary: Animal biotechnologists are linked to the agricultural industry, but have a more research and scientific aspect that may pique your interest.

What to Expect as an Occupational Therapist
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 09-02-2015

Summary: Work as an occupational therapist is much like other medical professions. You get to help people each day regain a level of independence.

Entrepreneurship Can Be an Attainable Goal for Anyone
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 08-24-2015

Summary: The dream of being an entrepreneur can be a realistic one when you fully understand what is expected of you to run your own business.

Classroom Teaching is Not the Only Job in Education
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 08-17-2015

Summary: While teaching can be a rewarding career, it may not be the right choice for everyone interested in working with others in an education setting.

Learn How You Can Pursue a Career in International Affairs or Security
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 08-03-2015

Summary: Careers in security or international affairs provide opportunities for those with a wide range of talents and expertise to make a difference.

How to Become a Registered Dietitian
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 07-27-2015

Summary: The process to becoming a registered dietitian is not extremely difficult. It requires education, completing internships in specific rotations, and taking a test.

Work for a Company Where You Can Help Protect the Environment
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 07-20-2015

Summary: Environmental agencies are always looking for dedicated workers to fill positions, such as scientists, lawyers, crewmen and managers.

What It Takes to Work in Social Media Marketing
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 07-13-2015

Summary: Social media marketing is a new career that requires public relations, English, and marketing skills in one multi-tasking position.

How to Become a Professional Organizer
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 07-01-2015

Summary: There are certifications that professional organizers should get to help them set their business and qualifications apart from the rest.

Top 12 Places to Teach English Abroad
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 06-23-2015

Summary: Teaching English is a great opportunity to make a living while traveling the world and making a difference through teaching others.

A Career as a Translator or Interpreter
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 06-16-2015

Summary: There are many different types of interpreters and translators for those that are bilingual and want to capitalize on the opportunity of a growing career field.

Education Options for a Booming Career in Retail
 Dated: 05-25-2015

Summary: Retail is one of the biggest booming industries across the globe. From numerous retail stores in shopping malls to online ecommerce set-ups, there is plethora of job opportunities in the retail world. A successful and rewarding career in retail is not rocket science. However, every career demands hard work and determination. The retail industry is expected to grow in coming years, offering endless job opportunities to people across the world. Therefore, it is important to look for the right career path and bag a job in this promising industry.

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