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Working for Nonprofit Organizations
 Dated: 03-16-2015

Summary: While most corporate organizations are facing major cuts, nonprofit organizations seem to be a booming sector. If you're working for a nonprofit organization, you need to stay in this industry and follow these tips that will help you in your career development.

Tips on Preparing for a Law Job Interview
 Dated: 03-09-2015

Summary: Law jobs are tougher to get in comparison to jobs in other industries. If you've been preparing for a law interview then you need to prepare yourself in order to find the perfect job.

A Successful Career in Advertising
 Dated: 03-02-2015

Summary: Advertising is a creative field, and if you plan on establishing a career in media, then you need to be prepared to explore the various options and work in a manner that's not monotonous and is unique.

Tips on How to Be a Great Manager
 Dated: 02-23-2015

Summary: Establishing a successful career as a manager is a great achievement for individuals, and if you’ve managed to score your dream position as a manager then you need to master the leadership qualities so you can secure your position in the organization.

Effective Tips on How to Decide On a Career Change
 Dated: 12-16-2014

Summary: Life today has changed and there are a number of career choices that you could go for depending on what will help you get the right career enhancement that you’ve been looking for. It’s important to make the right choices and switch at the right time in order for you to get the most out of the change.

Most Required Career Skills for Nurses
 Dated: 12-16-2014

Summary: Nurses are the only likable people at a hospital and while working as a nurse was not a great career choice in the early days. A career in nursing is booming these days and there are a number of people who are looking to establish a successful nurse career.

A Rewarding Career In Banking
 Dated: 11-18-2014

Summary: Back in the day, banking jobs were not given too much attention and it wasn’t considered a great career option. These days, establishing a successful banking career is a dream a number of financial students have. If you’ve been looking at a career in this industry, you need to start young. The banking sector is booming and you’ll find a huge demand for various positions from a banking clerk to a manager.

Establish a Successful Career in Customer Service
 Dated: 11-03-2014

Summary: Customer service is one of the most important positions in any organization and every organization aims at maintaining quality agents. If you’ve been looking to establish a career in customer service, you need to enhance your skills and ensure you perform well at all times. The competition these days is high and it’s tough to secure a strong position in the customer service industry. However, if you’re looking to establish yourself in this industry, here are some tips that will help you gear up to face the competition.

Enhance Your Career to Compete Globally
 Dated: 10-28-2014

Summary: The global economy is on the rise and there are a number of people who want to associate with organizations that have a global presence. Such organizations help you grow and achieve a successful position in your career. However, in order to grab a position at a multinational company, you need to enhance your career skills. Here are some handy career tips that will help you establish a strong global career professionally.

How to Establish a Successful Career as a Chef
 Dated: 10-13-2014

Summary: If you’ve been looking to build a successful chef career, it’s obvious you’ve started out young. Most individuals who plan on working as a chef know what they want to do at a young age and this motivates them to choose the right career development path.

How to Establish a Booming Career in Information Technology (IT)
 Dated: 10-07-2014

Summary: The IT industry is a booming industry and establishing a successful career in this industry is not tough. All you need correct career planning and you’ll manage to bag a good job in the IT industry.

Enhance Your Career through Online Education
 Dated: 09-30-2014

Summary: Times have changed and finding a dream job has gotten tougher than you can imagine. A basic degree is no longer completely helpful and one needs to get some kind of special education or course that can help in career enhancement.

Career Changes to Help You Succeed Professionally
 Dated: 09-08-2014

Summary: Choosing the right career path is crucial, but there are times you’ll find you’re stuck with a job that you don’t really enjoy or you don’t find interesting. This is a sign you need a career change. There’s a lot you can do to improve your career, so think right and make the correct choices to succeed in your career.

How to Get Your First Promotion
 Dated: 09-01-2014

Summary: It is not difficult to get promoted. You need to maintain good relationships at work, carry a positive attitude and deliver outstanding performance to earn your first promotion. You can follow these simple and effective career tips and get promoted easily in your organization.

Establishing a Successful Career in IT
 Dated: 08-18-2014

The IT industry is booming and there are a number of people who've made a successful career in this field. In order to establish a career in IT, one needs to understand that innovation is the key. Every successful IT professional does the same thing, but the ones who make it big just do the same things differently. You've got to get a clear picture of what you want to achieve, and once you've figured out your goal, start planning how to get there.

Choose Career Counseling for a Better Career
 Dated: 08-11-2014

There comes a certain point in your life when you're almost done with your high school education and there's this huge decision you need to make about choosing the right career. You've got friends, parents and teachers to help you, but what does your inner instinct say? What makes you happy? And where do you see yourself 10 years from now? These are questions you need to answer before you head to college to choose your course. While a few of us follow trends, parents or peer pressure, the smarter ones opt for career counseling.

Establishing a Successful Career in Hospitality
 Dated: 08-04-2014

The hospitality industry is one of the largest sectors in the world and unlike the old times, people are now more open to establishing a career in this industry. There's been a rapid growth in the travel sector, which has pumped up the hospitality industry tremendously. You can choose from a number of hospitality careers and make a successful living. The options are vast, but so is the competition. Learn how to make your mark and beat the rest.

A Successful Career in Animation
 Dated: 07-28-2014

We all have grown up watching cartoons and animated movies. However, have you ever thought about making a career in animation? Well, if you're creative and love sketching, designing and drawing, animation is the right industry where you can make a rewarding career.

Enhance Your Career Skills
 Dated: 07-21-2014

Employers across the globe are looking for smart, intelligent and career oriented employees for their organizations. You don’t get hired by any organization simply on the basis of your graduation degrees and certificates. To impress an employer in this competitive corporate world, you will need to identify and enhance your career skills. Candidates who impress employers using their skills are able to acquire jobs that were previously out of their reach. There are both basic and advanced career skills required in any profession. Listed below are some real career skills that you should acquire for a successful future.

Discover a Great Career in Art
 Dated: 07-15-2014

A few years ago, people across the globe only recognized careers in law, medicine, science, engineering, finance, etc. However, today students have discovered great careers in the art and design industry. The art and design industry offers rewarding careers, handsome pay packages, liberty, flexibility, recognition and many other benefits. If you have the passion and the talent to sing, dance, draw, write, and act then you have plethora of choices. Below are some great careers in art:

A Gratifying Career in Travel and Tourism
 Dated: 07-07-2014

Are you passionate about travelling and exploring new destinations? You can choose to pursue a career in the travel and tourism industry. The travel and tourism industry across the globe has seen an upward trend in recent years. It is one of the most rewarding and fast growing industries.

The Most Rewarding HR Careers
 Dated: 05-05-2014

The Human Resources department is a vital branch of any organization, whether it is small, medium or large. Human resource professionals directly contribute to the revenue of any business by acquiring the right talent at the right time. The HR division acts as an ultimate support function in various areas to businesses in different sectors. However, an HR professional’s job profile is very challenging and requires a lot of hard work, determination and dedication. There are unique and specific requirements to pursuing your career in this field.

A Dynamic Career in Sales
 Dated: 04-28-2014

When you look for jobs online or with recruitment agencies, do you notice something? You will see that there is a high demand of sales executives, sales representatives, sales consultants, sales managers, etc. Whether a company is small, medium or large, sales are what make the company successful. Therefore, sales jobs are high in demand and available in all shapes and sizes.

Tips for Searching Through Job Categories on Granted
 Dated: 04-15-2014

With multiple ways to search for jobs on Granted, you should have no problem finding the right job with all the specifications you have. One of the popular ways to find jobs is by going through categories. Here are some helpful tips for using the categories to find the perfect job.

Design a Career Development Plan
 Dated: 03-31-2014

Do you know where you stand in your career? Have you achieved your career goals and objectives? We all aspire to be successful in our career. However, not all of us consider career planning an important step in a successful career. It is imperative for you to develop a career plan to review where you currently stand, where you want to be tomorrow, your career destination and how you can achieve success in the career field you have chosen. The main objective of a career development plan is to help you reach your goal.

Internships for a Winning Career
 Dated: 03-18-2014

An alarming change has happened! It is indeed challenging to get a full time job right after you complete your graduation. However, students or fresh graduates can usually get internship jobs to get some hands on experience and convert their theoretical knowledge into practice through an internship program. It’s a good idea to start with an internship job for a successful career.

Look Out for the Right Career
 Dated: 02-24-2014

Are you passionate about working with children? Do you enjoy spending your days with those innocent kids? Does happiness matter more than money to you? To work with kids, you should be full of energy and patience, passionate about kids and have great enthusiasm for them. If this is you, you should opt for the related career which suits your energized personality. Choosing the right career will lead you to be successful.

What is the Sexiest Thing about Your Job?
By Andrew Ostler   |  Dated: 01-18-2014

There are so many different kinds of jobs out there. Some are dirty, some are considered “dull” or “boring”, others are dangerous, and still others are exciting. No matter what job they have, we set out to discover what people thought was the sexiest thing about their job. We hope you enjoy reading through these interesting and varied responses that we received. If you want to share the sexiest thing about your job, feel free to share it in the comments below the article.

Keeping Yourself in the Game: Building HR Competencies to Create a Sustainable Future and Career
 Dated: 01-07-2014

The human resources industry has seen a rapid growth through the years, and as the profession continues to expand, it’s important to focus on the key competencies that will sustain a successful long-term career.

Strategies on How to Land a Job in Management Consulting
 Dated: 01-04-2014

Management consulting is said to be one of the industries that can endure the economic downturn. Apparently, when the economy is slow, companies would more than ever need the services of consultants to help them better manage their revenues and costs.

Looking for a Job? Take an Internship for a Foot in the Door
 Dated: 12-31-2013

If you have been out of work for longer than expected and you have exhausted all of your job search capabilities, you might want to consider an unorthodox tip. It could be in your best interest to take an internship. We know that you probably had one while in college, but internships can lead to incredible job offers with the same company.

Work Life Balance –5 Things That Will Save You Time and Increase Your Productivity
 Dated: 12-09-2013

Working smart is fast replacing working hard today – thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. Hence, if you are wise you will learn how to use technology to save effort and increase your productivity. Don’t worry; you need not put in too much effort to do that. That is exactly the point – when you use technology you will learn to work smart instead of working hard and get better results.

Work Life Balance – You Deserve Better – 4 Excellent Tips on How to Ask for a Raise and Get It
 Dated: 11-25-2013

Productivity and work satisfaction are among the first things that suffer if you feel you are not paid as much as you deserve. It may be that you have accepted the job under stressful circumstances and accepted a salary that is below your expectations. Most people firmly believe that once their foot is in the door, they will be able to get the management to give them a raise.

Work Life Balance – 4 Ways to Improve It
 Dated: 11-18-2013

Once upon a time, a 9 to 5 job was just that, i.e. meaning you had to work from 9 to 5 and then you had enough time to devote to your family and personal pursuits. With factors such as rapid rise of unemployment, unstable economy and a recession, things have changed quite drastically.

Are These Myths Holding You Back in Your Career?
 Dated: 11-12-2013

Very often you may not be held back not by your management, wrong place wrong time situations, by your lack of skills, and so on; you may be held back by your belief in certain myths about jobs and careers. Take a look at these myths – do you recognize any of these? If yes, take steps to counteract these myths as soon as you can:

Have You Been Denied Your Due Promotion? What Should You Do Next?
 Dated: 11-12-2013

It happens all the time. You expect that great promotion and plan so many things around it – and when the time comes, another person walks away with the deal. It is hard to take, hard to adjust and even harder to adjust to the fact that it will be a while until you could try for this again. However, as with all setbacks, it is no use to cry over spilled milk. You need to take a few concrete steps to manage the damage done and plan for moving on:

Is Your Career in Danger – 4 Signs That Say It Is
 Dated: 11-12-2013

The market has never fully recovered after the recent stunning recession and neither has the employment scene. Hence, employers are still looking for ways to tighten their belts by laying off employees who they think are now really contributing to the overall goals of the organization. Check out the following few indicators to know whether you are in the danger zone:

Dreaming up Business: The Best Ways to Create Ideas for Startups
 Dated: 11-06-2013

Startups got a bad rap during the tech bubble in 1999-2000. But the idea behind startups is still important to how we do business today. If there were no more ideas, business would stagnate. Developers, or code-writers, and designers who create the consumer-friendly face of the start-up work to develop an idea for a business and conduct market research for commercial potential. There's a lot of money in startups because investors are always looking for good places to make their capital grow, even though typically this is a high-risk venture.

What Every Restaurant Manager Should Know: Top Five Revenue-boosting Secrets
 Dated: 10-30-2013

Have you ever wondered how some restaurants stay in business, thriving for decades, while others seem to disappear within the span of a couple of years? You would think that the basics (good food and good service) would be enough to keep a restaurant open year after year. However, the hospitality industry is a complex milieu where such things as consumer psychology and menu engineering contribute to a restaurant's success as much as food quality and personnel professionalism. Restaurant managers who are knowledgeable in these subtleties can be the key to whether an establishment stays in business or whether it fails. Read on to find out the secrets of effective restaurant management:

Say What? Shocking and Crazy Things People Said to Their Boss
By Andrew Ostler   |  Dated: 10-30-2013

You may have heard stories of people in your office saying unthinkable things to the boss of your company. These stories might have shocked you, made you laugh, and made you wonder how these people got away with it (if they did). We asked others to share the crazy things they heard other people telling the boss (or the craziest thing they said to their boss). There’s even one story we received about the craziest thing their boss said to them. We wouldn’t recommend you telling your boss any of these things, but we hope reading these brings a smile to your face. If you have any of your own experiences to share, feel free to share them in the comments below the article.

Women - 5 Things That May Be Sabotaging Your Career
 Dated: 10-28-2013

Even in the best scenario, women will often find the corporate ladder a little steeper than their counterparts for various reasons. However, and unfortunately so, very often women tend to sabotage their career themselves. Take a look at these points and be alerted about these pitfalls:

Do You Need to Change Your Job or Career – 4 Steps to Freedom
 Dated: 10-22-2013

There may come a time in your life when you become bored with your work. You find that you have no motivation in the morning to get out of bed and nothing about your job excites you anymore. Maybe you are ready for a change of job or career.

5 Top Careers for Hyperactive People
 Dated: 10-15-2013

Are you a person who is full of energy and needs plenty of physical work to feel happy? If the answer is yes, you will need to look for a career that will keep you literally on your toes. Fortunately, there are many such careers that will keep you busy, happy and prosperous at the same time. Here are five such careers that will do just that:

What It Takes to Be a Successful Nurse
By Andrew Ostler   |  Dated: 10-05-2013

We asked nurses around the country to share their thoughts with us on what makes them successful. Whether you’re already a nurse or aspiring to be one, we hope these thoughts inspire you and give you something to think about. Feel free to share your own thoughts about what it takes to be a successful nurse in the comments below the article.

Do You Like to Travel – 4 Careers Which Will Make You Happy
 Dated: 09-30-2013

Many people love traveling and are unhappy with a regular 9 to 5 job. If you are looking for a little more adventure and change during your job, check out the following career ideas where travelling is part of the primary requirements:

You Have Made a Mistake – What Should You Do?
 Dated: 09-23-2013

“When something goes wrong, blame it on the guy who is not there.” This brings on an instant smile to your face – but everyone knows that neither is it as easy as that nor is this a feasible solution. What should you do when things go wrong? Especially, when it is because of your mistake?

What Obstacles are Currently Faced by Entry-Level IT Graduates?
By Andrew Ostler   |  Dated: 09-18-2013

With information technology graduates emerging from all over the world, we wanted to find out one thing. What obstacles are these graduates facing as they try to enter the information technology field? We reached out to experts across the country and wanted to share their thoughts with you. Hopefully you gain as much insight as we did as you read through these responses:

Applying for a Job Online – Pay Attention to Your Keywords
 Dated: 09-16-2013

Applying for a job online and submitting your resume online in anticipation of being “found” by a recruiter is often very frustrating. First of all, it often seems like forever before you get any news; and then when you do get news, it is often invitation for jobs that you might not even want. Why does the job offer you are interested in not come your way? What are you doing wrong?

Planning a Second Career Post Retirement – Take a Look at These 4 Choices
 Dated: 09-09-2013

For many retirement means relaxation, taking up that world travel tour or cruise that they always wanted, setting up a lovely farm and/or garden, and so on. For many others such thoughts are nightmares. They would like to continue working, though they often seek occupations with less stress levels.

Best Career Advice – 4 Myths That Will Prevent Your Success
 Dated: 09-03-2013

When you take up that dream job, you feel that your vision has started unfolding. You feel closer to your goal of becoming a successful professional in your line of expertise. It does not always happen that way. It actually very rarely happens that way. The path to success is never straight, but instead moves through labyrinth of paths until you find your ultimate goal.

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