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10 Things You Need to Stop Overanalyzing at Work Now

By   |  Dated: 09-12-2016

Summary: Stop stressing over these ten things at work that don’t matter. Instead, focus your time and efforts on the things that do matter.

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10 Things You Need to Stop Overanalyzing at Work Now

With the stresses of all we are expected to do at work and the additional stress we put on ourselves to do even more, we need to find ways to eliminate some of the stress. There are a number of items that don’t deserve to be fretted over at work that we can help you toss aside so you can put all your energy into what really matters.
  1. Not getting a gold star on every project

You may have gotten a gold star or “Good job” on your projects in elementary school, and perhaps all the way up to high school, but you aren’t going to get that anymore. You may get a pat on the back for a stellar job done on a project, but you won’t even get that every time. Stop worrying about it. Have the confidence that you did a good job. If you did a really bad job, chances are you would have received an email or phone call saying so.
  1. Taking lunch breaks
Legally companies have to give employees an hour lunch break, so use them. Don’t just pull out a PowerBar from your drawer and go back to work. Take your food outside, or at least to the cafeteria to give yourself a mental break. Try taking a walk to really maximize your time getting some exercise and a mental break at the same time. Alternatively, you can take a 25 to 35 minute nap to give yourself an extra boost during your lunch break if you have your own private office and enough space to do so.
  1. Taking things personal
Have you ever thought someone looked at you wrong, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding? This can happen at work too. What you may perceive as a bad look from a coworker may just be them thinking something through and not even realizing the look they are giving you.
  1. Someone snaps at you
This one is similar to the previous issue. Someone like your boss may snap at you, but it may be for completely unrelated issues. Maybe they had a really bad morning, so their stress level is a little high at the moment. Don’t take it personally.
  1. Your outfit gets described as “sassy”
If you thought your outfit was office-appropriate and it didn’t even occur to you that it was a little racy then don’t worry. However, if you thought your skirt was a little short this morning, but you didn’t have the time to change it then the comment may be correct. If the comment was inappropriate, you can report it to the HR department, but if they are trying to help you by pointing it out in an appropriate way, make sure you don’t wear the outfit again.
  1. Leave a few minutes early
If you have impeccable attendance at work, and are never late and never leave early, but you need to leave a few minutes early one time to pick a friend up from doctor, or attend a conference, then go for it.
  1. Wearing headphones while you work
Go for it. Some people do better work with music playing. As long as you are getting all your work done and the earbuds are leaking tons of sound, then you are safe to listen as you please.
  1. Getting really short emails
A brief email can come across as abrupt and stern, but it may mean that your coworker has a lot of work so they don’t waste time with filler words in their emails. If there was something in your original email, like a question, that doesn’t get answered, then seek a face-to-face talk to get the answer.
  1. Not everyone is friendly
The coworker sitting closest to you may not be friendly, and that is ok. You don’t know why they are that way, so don’t worry about it. Just stay cordial and pleasant so that maybe someday they will decide to open up a little to you.
  1. For the ladies: You take extra trips to the bathroom for a week each month
Everyone knows that women have a special time each month, so it isn’t big news and no one cares. Just keep your personal items in a cute little toiletry bag, and if someone stops you on your trip to the bathroom, make up an excuse that you need to brush your teeth because you had onions with your lunch…
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