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I had a very good experience using Hound. The job posting process was smooth and hassle-free. We received a number of applications and conducted interviews with some excellent candidates. Hopefully we will be filling this position soon.End quote

- Mark Warne, Chicago

Why Should You Choose Hound?

Hound is an easy to use job posting service that makes finding candidates a snap. No matter what location or industry you're looking to hire in, Hound can help. Every job you post on our site is automatically posted to 30+ top job boards all over the internet. To make the screening process easier, you can even make your own brief screening questions to filter out unqualified applicants.

Our goal is to make things easier for you, and to get all of your positions filled fast. We do this by instantly distributing your jobs across the web so you get seen by the most people possible.

Hound makes the hiring process much simpler and saves you money in the process. All you have to do is create the description for your job and with a few clicks you can post it to 30+ job boards across the web. You can also narrow down your results by coming up with some interview questions in the application process. If an applicant finds your job listing on any of the 30+ websites we post it on, they can apply directly through Hound and can answer any interview questions you come up on our site.

While you don't have to add these screening questions, adding 3 to 5 challenging questions will help you filter out those unqualified candidates and narrow your choices down to the truly qualified ones. We also make it easy to look at each candidate's resume at any point so that you can carefully review and consider each qualified person.

After filling out one job posting and submitting it, Hound will automatically post that listing on 30+ additional free job boards all over the internet. You will also gain access to thousands of qualified candidates in our resume database. Our service is a great value compared to how much job boards usually charge to post.

Hound features millions of jobs. To find the job you're looking for, all you need to do is put in the location or keywords of the job you want to find, and our massive database of jobs will show you every possible listing that meets your criteria. You can also specify how far away from a particular location you want to look for your job. In addition, you can specify how long ago the job was posted, which can help narrow down your results even more.

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