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Hound’s Top 10 Most Popular Employer Articles of 2020

Summary: Read Hound’s 10 Most Popular Articles for Employers in 2020.

Develop Leaders, Don’t Train Them: 5 Crucial Strategies to Follow

Summary: For a company to have top leaders, they have to start early in developing them, not just training them to be such.

Are Your Employees Satisfied and Engaged Right Now?

Summary: We have gathered data about employee engagement, job satisfaction, benefits, and more in this article. Here are the general themes your company can learn from.

Top 20 Hound Employer Articles from 2016

Summary: Here is a breakdown of the top 20 most-read, employer-focused Hound articles in 2016.

Employee Happiness Starts with Strong Organizational Values

Summary: Building a more successful company starts with creating and promoting values within the organization that can be valued and respected by all.

Are Millennials Really That Selfish? Learn How to Keep Them Engaged at Work

Summary: Millennials are often perceived as a more selfish-driven generation, but research is proving that they may be no different than other generations.

Does Your Company Have What 90 Percent of Job Seekers Want?

Summary: Transparency is valued over all other categories by job seekers, even money, when it comes to affecting their trust and satisfaction in a job.

Put Smartphones Back in Their Proper Place Today

Summary: We benefit greatly from the use of cellphones in our daily tasks, but many necessary activities are being replaced by phones, causing damage to our relationships.

Retaining Your Valuable Human Capital

Summary: Make your employees feel like a valued and integral part of your company by following the advice in this article.

The Top 3 Ways to Structure Your Organization

Summary: How should you structure your organization? Find out the 3 main organizational structures in this article.

Top Companies Do These 2 Things Well

Summary: Learn what two things separate top companies from all the rest in this article.

How to Handle Conflicts among Co-Workers

Summary: Co-worker conflicts happen all the time in businesses big and small, and can result in decreased productivity and increased turnover. Learn how to handle them properly in this article.

What to Do If You Suspect Employee Drug Abuse

Summary: If you think one or more of your employees are abusing drugs at work, what should you do to get to the bottom of it?

How to Fix a Broken Corporate Orientation Program

Summary: Is your company orientation program ineffective? Learn how to fix it in this article.

Is Flextime Right for Your Office?

Summary: Learn the pros and cons of implementing flextime in your office in this article.

What Is Cost Per Hire and How to Measure It

Summary: Learn how to calculate your cost per hire and why this is an important data point to know for your company.

Top 3 Tips for Meaningful Mentor Programs

Summary: Learn how you can create more meaningful mentor programs in your company in this article.

Landing the Ideal Employee - What Today's Job Seeker Wants

Summary: Find out what job seekers are really looking for and how you can attract the best candidates to your company in this article.

Will a Flexible Work Schedule Work for Your Company?

Summary: What's an HR Manager to do? I must recruit and retain, but sometimes it is difficult to understand how to do that and keep the courts happy.

Hound's 20 Most Popular Employer-Related Articles for 2015

Summary: Take a look at the top 20 employer articles on Hound in 2015 in this article.

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