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Interview & Resume Tips

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Resume Writing Tips for Nurses
 Dated: 03-16-2015

Summary: The nursing industry is booming and there are a number of new nursing job opportunities now available. This has opened the doors for nurses who have experience in this industry as well as recent graduates. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is that learning how to write a nurse resume correctly will help you get one of these new jobs in no time.

Tips on How to Ace Your Annual Performance Review
 Dated: 03-09-2015

Summary: As an employee every individual waits for the annual performance review at their organization. While some people aren’t really bothered about what the review has in store, if you're looking for career development then this is one of the most important phases in your career. It's important to perform well at work in order to be appreciated and considered for a salary hike, but it's also important to get noticed.

Resume Tips for Customer Service Executives
 Dated: 03-02-2015

Summary: Resumes for most people are a simple piece of paper that needs to be carried along with them when they go in for an interview. What most people don't realize is that the format and content on that resume plays a big part in determining whether or not you get the job.

Tips for an Attention-grabbing Executive Resume
 Dated: 02-23-2015

Summary: The competition these days to bag the perfect position is cut throat. If you've been struggling to score an interview once you send out your resume to a company, it's time you considered some effective professional resume writing tips that will help you sell your skills in the best possible manner.

Tips on How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths on Your Resume
 Dated: 12-16-2014

Summary: Your resume is one of the most important documents you need to carry with you when you’re attending an interview. While your resume highlights all your skills and positive points, there are times when you need to add the bad points too. Effective resume writing helps you turn those weak points into positive points.

Some Interview Fashion Blunders You Must Avoid
 Dated: 12-16-2014

Summary: First impressions might not be the last impressions but they do say a lot about you. It’s really important to dress well when you go for an interview since what you wear will determine who you are and an interviewer will pay attention to your attire too.

Effective Ways to List Your Career Objectives on Your Resume
 Dated: 11-18-2014

Summary: Resume writing is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to bagging the perfect dream job. Most people think of a resume as an introduction of themselves and a pass that will help them succeed in landing a great interview. While the latter part is true, you need to understand that your resume objectives play an important role on the interviewer's decision.

Tips that Help in Preparing for a Video Interview
 Dated: 11-03-2014

Summary: Interviews these days are conducted online as well as face to face and if you’re one of those people who might have to give your first ever online interview, then you need to get some serious interview preparation done before you get started. Here are a few online interview tips that will help you score your job.

Tips to Follow-Up after the Interview to Grab a Job
 Dated: 10-28-2014

Summary: There are a number of tips that will help you to bag the perfect job. However, the interview process doesn’t just end once you leave the room. In fact, the interview follow up process is just as important as the actual interview itself. Here are some after interview tips that can help to ensure you’ll bag the job.

Interview Tips: Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills
 Dated: 10-20-2014

Summary: Your skills are one thing, and your resume is another, but apart from these two factors, the one thing that can assure you’ll manage to bag a good job is the way you speak. If you’ve been having a few problems communicating, you need to start focusing on your public speaking skills. Even if you’re not as talented as your competitors, you still stand a strong chance of bagging a better job if you speak well.

Interview Tips – How to Handle Rude Interview Questions
 Dated: 10-13-2014

Summary: An interview is one of the most important phases in a person’s life. While most of the times an interview might go smoothly, but there are times when the interview process gets daunting and you’re facing an interviewer from hell.

Tips on How to Write a Short, Sweet and Successful Resume
 Dated: 10-07-2014

Summary: Even before an employer meets you, your resume does the talking. The most common reason most people lose out on bagging their dream jobs is the resume blunders their resume carries.

Prepare Well To Ace Your Job Interview
 Dated: 09-30-2014

Summary: The struggle to get your dream job is one of the toughest journeys you might have to take However, it’s your dream job and you shouldn’t let anything stand in your way.

5 Resume Myths You Need To Say Goodbye To
 Dated: 09-08-2014

Summary: Your resume is not just a piece of paper that includes some information about you. This paper can actually be the deciding factor between whether or not you’ll get the job. You need to draft your resume in an appropriate manner and kick any resume myths that are not worth it.

Tips and Tricks for an Outstanding Resume
 Dated: 09-01-2014

Summary: Crafting a winning resume is one of the most important factors to get shortlisted for an interview. A generic resume with a cover letter won’t really help in getting you your dream job. Follow these resume tips and craft an outstanding resume today.

5 Resume Mistakes That Will Cost You a Job
 Dated: 08-18-2014

Technology has changed. Today, most people use the web to get in touch with employers and apply for suitable positions. However, an effective resume still remains the most important part of the job hiring process. Times have changed, and gone are the days when you have to type out your resume on a typewriter. It’s the new generation, and resumes have taken a turn from being boring to becoming precise, relevant, and can be what gets you the job. You could go all out and create a fancy resume, but a few resume mistakes could cost you being considered for a particular job. Here’s a list of some of the most common resume mistakes people make:

Four Interview Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job
 Dated: 08-11-2014

The main reason we educate ourselves is that we can get a good job and start earning good wages. Everyone aims at becoming independent and working in a good organization. The first step for every person who embarks on their career path is the interview process. While some people sail through their first interview itself and are hired quickly, others take a while before they land their first job.

Resume and Interview Tips to Help You Score a Job
 Dated: 08-04-2014

Resume tips that help you shine: The first impression you set for an employer can often be the last and this impression depends solely on your resume. Considering the competition in today’s world. Employers can receive several resumes or maybe even more 100 for a particular job. Your resume is one of those in the pile. How can you make yours the best of the bunch?

Factors to Consider While Hiring a Professional Resume Writer
 Dated: 07-28-2014

Are you planning to hire a professional writer to do your resume? Well, you need to be very careful while hiring a professional resume writer and ensure that this is worth your money. Remember that your resume is your professional introduction. Not everyone has the expertise to create vibrant resumes. Resume writing requires specific skills, abilities and experience. It's your only chance to make a memorable first impression. Therefore, it is important that you create or design your resume from a reputed and reliable resume writing service professional or company.

Rehearse For an Upcoming Interview
 Dated: 07-21-2014

It is well said that practice makes man perfect. Have you practiced for your next interview? We all do a lot of preparations before the interview right from preparing an outstanding resume to compiling all our references, networking etc. Many candidates assume they are well prepared for interviews. However, they do not succeed.

7 Essential Interview Tips for Freelancers
 Dated: 07-15-2014

Freelancers are professionals who work for themselves. You can choose to work as a freelancer in different industries such as a freelance journalist, writer, editor, blogger, web designer and more. Working as a freelancer may be rewarding and have numerous benefits. However, it can be challenging to pass interviews with clients and companies and get contracts for assignments. Listed below are seven essential interview tips for freelancers that can help you get shortlisted to complete projects for various organizations.

It is Time to Refresh Your Resume
 Dated: 07-07-2014

Your resume is a tool that you use to sell yourself and your skills. Therefore, it is imperative that your resume contains the most relevant, authentic and up-to-date information about yourself. When was it last that you updated your resume online on job portals? You may not be looking for a change, but you never know when a great opportunity arises and your resume is shortlisted. Hence, it is important that you update your resume at regular intervals.

Create a Visual Resume to Display Your Best Self
 Dated: 05-05-2014

Your resume plays a significant role and is an important tool that helps you find a perfect job. We all try to come up with the best resume to represent ourselves as a prospective resource to recruiters. However, there are hundreds of candidates applying for jobs every second using text resumes. How does your resume stand out among the tough competition? Times are changing, and your resume needs a change too. You can now enhance your text resume by highlighting your experience in a visually appealing manner.This will not only leave a lasting impact, but will also help you stand out in the crowd of job seekers.

Tips for Interviewing to Become a Kindergarten Teacher
 Dated: 04-28-2014

A kindergarten teacher’s role seems easy. However, it is quite tough and difficult to withstand as a teacher. Here are some teaching interview tips that you can follow to ace your interview as a teacher at any school. Whether you have done your training or worked as a teacher in the past, just remember that some investigation and homework about the school is required before you go in for an interview at any school.

Essential Tips for a Video Interview
 Dated: 03-31-2014

Video interviews have become extremely popular these days. Companies across the globe interview candidates on Skype and save on time, cost and other on-site interview expenses. Video interviews are quite similar to face-to-face interviews. However, candidates should practice and follow certain tips to perform well in a video interview. Here are a few essential video interview tips that you can follow to ace your interview.

Keep Your Resume Updated
 Dated: 03-18-2014

Your resume is a tool that is used to get your dream job. Imagine that a company that you always wanted to work for calls you for an interview. Would you have your updated resume ready to be sent? Opportunities won’t knock at your door time and again. Therefore, it is advisable that you keep your resume updated regularly. If you have your updated resume ready to be sent, you can grab your dream job anytime.

Tips on How to Prepare for a Last Minute Interview Call
 Dated: 02-24-2014

Did you just get a call from a company for an interview? Don’t panic or laze around! Just remember a few points and you can do well in your interview and end up with your dream job. Here are a few suggestions that you can follow before as well as after an interview.

Improve Your Body Language to Get Your Dream Job
 Dated: 01-09-2014

You’ve crafted the perfect resume and sent it across to the interviewer to apply for your dream job. Let’s assume you’re being shortlisted based on your resume and have received an interview call. You definitely don’t want to hinder your efforts on this big day of your life by portraying negative body language and gestures.

Tips for a Multi-Part Job Interview
 Dated: 12-31-2013

It is understandable that job interviews can be nerve wracking, which is why we want to provide you with as much advice as possible for you to be successful. This post deals solely with handling multi-part interviews and how to ace them with the interviewers. There are various situations you might encounter, including tiered interviewing with multiple members of the company that has posted the job opening.

7 Interviewing Tips for Job Seekers
By Matt Jackson   |  Dated: 12-16-2013

The job market is coming back to life, but a 7.3% unemployment rate still means there's a tough road ahead. If you're out of a job - or looking to upgrade your current one - you've likely crafted a professional resume, scoured every online resource and personal contact, and flooded the marketplace with applications. Like an athlete in pre-season training, you've done your work and given yourself the best possible chance to perform. Now comes game time. When you're finally called in for that job interview, you've got to knock it out of the park. It's your one chance to validate the promise your potential employer saw in your resume, which means you have to be prepared. For some helpful hints on just how to do that, read on.

Using Gaps in Your Resume to Your Advantage: 4 Quick Tips
 Dated: 12-09-2013

Many couples plan their career in such a manner that when they start a family, at least one parent can remain with the children until they are old enough to go to pre-school or school. From the point of view of a career, this would mean that there would be some glaring gaps on the CV.

You Have Been Fired Unjustly - Interview Tips to Overcome the Hurdle with Honesty
 Dated: 11-25-2013

Check out this scenario. You apply for a job, get in on probation for one year with the promise that it would become permanent employment once you complete the probation period satisfactorily. All is well until your supervisor/ boss declares that you actually do not seem to have the required skill-set for the job and you are fired.

4 Tips to Help You Get through the Interview for a Post-retirement Career
 Dated: 11-18-2013

Many senior persons choose to work post retirement not only for economic reasons - which are still very critical – but also because they want to feel productive and professionally active. It is often quite a challenging task to find an appropriate second career and then land the job. However, all “difficult” means is that you have to prepare a little more than usual to excel at the interview process. Here are a few tips that will help you ace such an interview:

Are You Ready for a Phone Interview? 7 Tips to Help You Succeed
 Dated: 11-12-2013

Many companies today opt for phone interviews because it often saves the company time, effort and money. Therefore, do not be surprised if you are informed that instead of a face-to-face interview, you will be interviewed over phone. If that is so, ensure that you prepare as carefully for the phone interview as you would do for the in-person one. Here are a few important tips that will help you succeed:

Rude Interviewer? 5 Ways to Keep it Smooth
 Dated: 11-12-2013

One of the important and unwritten rules of an interview is that you are polite and courteous to the interviewing panel. However, there will be times when one or more people on the interviewing panel act in an offensive and rude manner. If you encounter any of these types, here is how you could tactfully fend them off without compromising the interview:

Called for an Interview? 6 Things to Carry With You for Success
 Dated: 11-12-2013

You have got an interview letter and you have prepared well. You have done your homework, you have practiced your questions-answers and you feel confident and ready. Here is a small checklist with the things you need to take along with you for the interview. You might add to the list, but the following items are the minimum you should always have these with you when you are facing an interview:

Nailing an Interview is All about Preparation and Rehearsal
 Dated: 10-28-2013

As with everything else, preparation and rehearsal will ensure that you do your best when you go in front of the interviewing panel. Most people pay attention to all other aspects, i.e. networking for the job, writing a CV, organizing references, and so on but ignore the interview aspect. This is why most people actually fail at this very last step – the interview. Check out what you can do to prevent this from happening:

Your References May Cost You Your Job – 5 Mistakes You Should Know About
 Dated: 10-22-2013

Most people put references on their CVs without knowing that these references – which are normally inserted to boost the chances for selection in any given interview – can actually short-circuit your chances to be selected. Check out the mistakes that may cost you the job:

7 Quick Tips to a Great Interview
 Dated: 10-15-2013

Everybody has to go through an interview before landing the job of their dreams – or any job, as a matter of fact. It is therefore very important that you do well in the interview. Here are 7 quick tips that you will always find useful:

Common Exaggerations Employers Tell in a Job Interview
By Andrew Ostler   |  Dated: 10-05-2013

Sometimes employers may be looking to hire a particular person due to the skills or experience they have. In cases such as this, an employer may try to talk up working at the company in order to attract this person. There might even be occasions where an employer might exaggerate some things in an interview to try to get someone to work for them. We asked employers to share some common exaggerations they tell people in job interviews, and here they are. We also heard from a few people who shared areas that they or others often exaggerate about when taking part in job interviews. Enjoy!

Interview Tips – 4 Tips No One Has Told You Yet
 Dated: 09-30-2013

No matter how many interviews you give, you will always have butterflies in your stomach before you attend one. There are so many experts offering the widest possible range of tips and advice and you may feel that you know it all. Check out the following 4 interview tips that no one may have told you yet.

3 Smart Ways to Answer the Dreaded Weaknesses Question
 Dated: 09-23-2013

Appearing for interviews is nerve-wracking for most people, however well prepared they may be. The stress and tension is amplified manifold when you really need that job - which is the case nowadays owing to the recession and the ripples it created. Hence, when the interviewer asks you to "Tell me about your weaknesses," you might just freeze with indecision.

Interview Impasse – How to Bypass Wrong Questions
 Dated: 09-16-2013

The members of an interviewing panel are human beings too. They make mistakes like you and I. Sometimes, they end up with thousands of dollars in lawsuits and settlements because of these mistakes. However, in most cases, the candidates do not want to sue their interviewers; they just want a way to bypass the wrong (unlawful) questions and still remain eligible for the job.

Post Interview ‘Thank You’ Notes – Are They Necessary?
 Dated: 09-09-2013

You have just completed an interview, and in your opinion, you have done well. You start debating in your mind whether or not you should send a ‘thank you’ note. Should you? Definitely. It is very important to send a note and here are the reasons why you should do it:

4 Myths That Can Cost You the Job
 Dated: 09-04-2013

Everyone wants to do great at an interview. They want to make an everlasting impression so they get the job. Unfortunately, very often they act on myths which are counterproductive. Check out the following myths and be careful that you do not indulge in these traits:

5 Reasons Why You Need to Add a Cover Letter
 Dated: 08-27-2013

Many feel that a cover letter actually obscures the brilliantness of a great resume or CV. Is that right? Experts say exactly the opposite, i.e. no matter how great your CV is, a well written cover letter will always add value to it. Here are 5 reasons why your resume should go with a cover letter for that very coveted job:

7 Tips to Get Your Resume Shortlisted
 Dated: 08-19-2013

When you apply for a job that asks for your resume, you need to ensure that the recruiter not only reads it, but also shortlists it for an interview. For that you need to make the resume stand out (sometimes among thousands of others). Here are some excellent tips that will help you do that:

5 Super Tips to Get an Interview Based on Your Resume
 Dated: 08-12-2013

Think about this: Employers and recruiters get thousands of resumes sent when they announce a vacancy, and they have to wade through all that to shortlist a precious few for an interview. What would you do if you were them? You would find a way to scan through the resumes at the highest speed possible – and make your first shortlist based on the information you gather through this scanning.

6 Tips on Making a Lasting Impression During Your Job Interview
 Dated: 08-05-2013

If you are in the interview for your dream job and you want to make a lasting impression on the interviewing panelists, it is not too difficult to do. Just use the following 6 tips:

Surviving Behavioral Interview Questions
 Dated: 07-29-2013

Today, you'll notice more and more employers are using behavioral questions during interviews. This is a method that is being used to figure out which candidates are fit for the job at hand. Some people have a hard time answering these questions because there's no wrong or right answer. Each position requires certain types of answers, which will make you more appealing to the employer. Your answers will give the employer insight into the type of worker you are. It will provide information about your personality, problem solving skills and whether you're a team player.

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