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Why You Are Probably a Stupid Job Seeker

The Single Stupidest, Insane Thing That Job Seekers Do When Searching for a Job—What You Need to Do to Open the Floodgates of Offers to Start Pouring in


Do you suck at looking for a job?

Do not worry. Here is one of the most important things you can do to turn your job search around, literally overnight.

To begin, I want to reveal something that is so ridiculous I even have a hard time believing it is true: Some of the stupidest people out there are in the best jobs. The reason these people are in the best jobs is because they know someone, or somehow got an incredible job lead.

Knowing about the best jobs that others do not know about is 99% of the battle of getting a good job.

Let me say this again:

Knowing about the best jobs that others do not know about is 99% of the battle of getting a good job.

Excuse Me, But Most Job Boards Have Your Interests Ass Backwards.
I see countless job seekers each day go about their job search in entirely the wrong way. Take, for example, a guy I just spoke with a few hours ago. He has been unemployed for several months—"three or four months I guess ..." he told me. He was laid off from a job paying over $175,000 a year several months ago.

"What have you been doing to look for a job?" I asked him, expecting the same answer I get every time.

"I've been using Monster, CareerBuilder and a specialty site called TheLadders for 100K+ jobs," he told me. "Basically, doing everything I can to track down a job."

Dumb Ass Mistake #1: Applying to the Same Jobs Everyone Else is
"That's great," I said. "I really like those sites' television commercials. I see them on every search engine ad and I see their banners on the freeway all the time and even on bus stops! I especially liked Monster's television commercial on the SuperBowl and I love the television commercial that TheLadders has about tennis players."

"Yeah," he said. "I saw those commercials too."

"I am sure a lot of people did—basically everyone else looking for a job. What do you think the purpose of those commercials is? Do you think the sites are able to drive a lot of job seekers to their sites with those?"

"Oh sure ... probably millions of people."

"Of course they do."

"If millions of people are applying to jobs on these websites, do you think it makes it easier for you to get those jobs or harder."

There was a long pause.


This guy, like every other person out there was simply following the crowd and applying to the same jobs everyone else out there was. The fact of the matter is, however, that when you apply to the same jobs everyone else is, you have incredibly decreased odds of getting the job.

In fact, it makes no sense to do this. I cannot believe a job site would direct users to apply to jobs in its site through a SuperBowl commercial!

Dumb Ass Mistake #2: Applying to Only Advertised Jobs It costs like $500 for an employer to post jobs on most job boards. $500! This is a lot of money. It cost employers zero, zilch, nada to post jobs on their own websites. Monster, CareerBuilder, TheLadders and others all charge to post on their job boards.

If you were an employer would you pay $500 to post a job, or zero? Moreover, when employers post jobs on their own websites they can update them frequently. The employer also has no time limits of how long they can make the advertisement. Most of all it is free! Many huge employers have 4,000+ jobs and the last thing they want to do is pay hundreds of dollars to post those jobs on various job sites.

In this day and age virtually every employer is posting their jobs on their websites. Back in 1998, when a substantial number of companies had two or three- page websites posting their jobs on a site like Monster, it made a lot of sense. The employers did not even know how to operate a website.

Today all of that is changed. Almost every single employer out there has a career page, and almost every single employer is posting their jobs on their career pages. The result of all of this is that most of the jobs out there are on employer websites and not on job boards.

Let me repeat this again:

Most jobs are on employer websites and not on job boards.

Hound is The Only Way You Can See Virtually Every Job in the Market That is Not Advertised (And See More Jobs Than You Can See on Job Boards).
When I think about what is going on out there I am almost incredulous. People are making gigantic mistakes with their careers and flooding the wrong employers with their resumes. Once everyone knows about a job, it is harder to get.

The jobs on Hound are:
  • All from employer websites and typically not advertised anywhere;
  • Are rarely seen by a large audience
  • More numerous than on other job sites
Hound goes out and finds jobs and does not wait for employers to come to them to pay $500 or more to post a job. Hound does not list recruiter jobs at all; it only lists jobs direct from employer websites so you are applying to actual jobs and not middlemen. Hound also shows you far, far more jobs than you will see on other sites.

When you apply to jobs on Hound your odds of getting a position may increase by 10x, 100x, or 1,000x—I do not know. What I do know is they will increase dramatically and probably beyond your wildest expectations.

Hound can change how you look for a job and change your life. You need to complete the registration and join Hound now.

Our CEO A Harrison Barnes Sincerely,

Harrison Barnes

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