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It is not easy looking for a new job - or a better job. Many open positions posted on job sites receive hundreds of responses, and employers cannot interview everyone. This means a few things:

  • Getting a great job is, to a massive extent, a numbers game. The more places you apply, the more likely you are to get an interview and get hired.
  • Getting a job often requires you to be among the first to apply. After reviewing the first barrage of resumes that come in, employers often literally stop reviewing applications because they are overwhelmed. Thus, the first people to apply most often are the most likely to get hired.

Moreover, there are other problems with job sites as well:

  • It can often take a lot of time to apply for jobs. Some employer sites are extremely cumbersome and require you to spend 10 minutes (or longer) filling out unnecessary and repetitive information on their websites.
  • Jobs are sometimes misclassified by employers. This means you may miss various positions, which could result in you missing the opportunity you are looking for. It is not easy sorting through hundreds of job postings.
  • It is often difficult to keep track of where you have submitted your resume. When you are on a given job site, you are often redirected to different websites. If you are doing a serious job search, you may find yourself applying to the same employer more than once - which is embarrassing and can hurt your chances of being hired.

My name is Harrison Barnes and I am the Founder of Hound.com, as well as one of the largest employment research companies in the world - The Employment Research Institute. Here, we are constantly researching and analyzing new ways to get people jobs and help their careers. We are experts at what we do. Several of our job search companies have won prestigious awards, and others have been among the fastest growing companies in America more than once. Personally, I started out my career as a legal recruiter (and still run recruiting firms such as BCG Attorney Search). I've written several books about job search, and I've been responsible for getting tens of thousands of people jobs.

I tell you this not to impress you, but to let you know that I understand what it takes to get people jobs. This is my passion, and the tools I have developed can assist you in getting more interviews and more job offers than you ever thought would be possible.

I want to tell you something today that may or may not be for you. We are seeking professionals who want to make the most of their careers and realize the value of fully exploring their opportunities. Are you someone who:

  • Takes your career seriously
  • Is interested in a better job
  • Values your time and does not have 5 to 10 hours a week to apply to jobs.
  • Values yourself enough to get professional help with your job search
  • Is interested in one of the following: (1) increasing your income, (2) finding a job closer to home, (3) finding a job with more upward mobility, or (4) finding a job with a better work-life balance?

Look, the fact is not everyone takes their career seriously, and not everyone is really seeking to do something significant with their career.

However, there are a select few people who really want something more. These are the types of people who are truly seeking success. These types of people will do everything they can to reach their goals and will not hold back. It is for these rare people that Hound Concierge exists.

What is Hound Concierge?
For only $449 per month, you will receive a personal Hound Concierge. That's less than $15 a day, and we know your time is much more valuable than that. Your Concierge will search thousands of positions for you seeking openings that meet your criteria. You will approve the positions you are interested in, and then your Hound Concierge will assist you with applying to the approved positions. You will have the assurance of knowing that you are using all of your available resources to further your career.
  • Imagine how proud you will be when you get an interview for that perfect new position. Let us help you find the position you've always wanted.
  • Sign up now to get started with your Hound Concierge. This service is only being offered at $449 per month for a limited time. Begin maximizing your job seeking resources today.
  • Make the most of your career, and live the life that you love, by having your highly skilled Concierge find that perfect position for you. Join Hound Concierge now and be assured that we are working hard for you in the search for the next step in your career.
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