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Until They Stop Going After The Jobs Everyone Else is Going After.
In fact, the easiest way to get any job is really incredibly simple. All you need to do is find the jobs no one else is competing for. It is that simple.

Let me ask you a question? If a job that looks really good appears on a site like Monster.com, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, TheLadders ... and so forth how many people do you think are going to see the job? 1,000? 10,000? 100,000?? Well, the number of people that sees it are absolutely incredible in most instances. Those sites are doing everything within their power to drive eyeballs to the jobs.
  • They are advertising on television
  • They are advertising on bus stops
  • They are using huge blimps flying through cities
  • They are taking huge one page ads in the newspaper every day
Is incredible. Why do these job sites do this? Because employers will pay $500 or more to post a job on them. The employers who post jobs on them expect lots of people to respond and this is what these job sites deliver: You. However, the employers are typically overwhelmed with applications to an extent you would not believe! It is incredible how many people apply to decent jobs in these sites.

When you use job boards like this they are showing you jobs that everyone and their brother already knows about. I am not saying you are not talented. But let me ask you?

What if there was a way to be the only applicant to the best jobs? Do you think this would change your odds of success?

You Need to Go After the Unadvertised Jobs Dummy!
Most employers post jobs on their websites. In fact, because it does not cost them anything to post jobs on their own websites most employers will post jobs on their own websites as a matter of course. I would estimate that there are 10x more jobs available on employer websites than most major job boards!

However, when employers post a job on their website, they are unlikely to receive tons of applications. In fact, very few people can even name 1% of the companies with jobs on them operating in their own cities. There are tens of thousands of companies out there with jobs on their websites and the numbers are actually quite staggering. The number of jobs on employer websites is huge and it is a massive opportunity waiting for you.

You Will Get More Offers, More Interviews and Better Jobs When You Use Hound to Focus Your Search on Jobs on Employer Websites.
Hound does something that no other job site does: It shows you only those jobs on employer websites. I've shown so many frustrated job seekers how to get jobs on Hound I cannot count them.

The key points are ...
  • On Hound you will be applying only to jobs on employer websites. Consequently your applications will stick out.
  • You will see more jobs on Hound than you will see on other sites because employer websites are where all the jobs are anyway.
  • You will get more interviews and offers using Hound than you would with competing sites.
Almost immediately you can ...
  • Get interviews and offers.
  • Crush your competition.
  • Go after more jobs.
Just get straight on this fact: Your job search will NOT take off ... until you start going after jobs no one else is pursuing. This is what Hound will do for you.

When I realized that all of the jobs were on employer websites and not other websites, I decided to spend several years building a search engine that would search out and classify all of these employer jobs. I spent millions of dollars and had some of the best computer engineers in the world do what we are doing. What we do to find and classify jobs for you is so sophisticated that no search engine is even doing it.

In many respects I made a huge mistake. I probably will never recover this incredible investment I made. Most people out there do not realize the value of this information. It costs me so much money to provide this information I cannot believe it. I ought to charge $1,000 a month to view this information but I do not. Incredibly, I am about to offer it to you for risk free.

Then I decided to form a club and show these jobs only to people who were members of my club. In this way, I can control how many people are seeing these jobs so that too many people will not be applying to these jobs.

But before I ask you to join my club, I would like to ask you to try Hound for yourself, at no cost to you whatsoever. Let me give you a risk free seven day trial to Hound. Look around on the site and apply to several jobs on the site.

You decide whether or not Hound is everything that I say. You determine whether Hound is the incredible and transformative job search experience I promise.

You decide. I'm confident that you will be amazed by how many jobs are on Hound and will be excited about how many opportunities you have.

But you are never going to know how many jobs are waiting for you if you do not try Hound right now.

Our CEO A Harrison Barnes Sincerely,

Harrison Barnes

p.s. Remember trying Hound obligates you to nothing except looking at all of the jobs available on employer websites at one time. You have nothing to risk. The only thing you risk is trying out an incredible piece of technology that cost me over $10,000,000 to develop.

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