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5 Strategies That Will Ensure Top Productivity from Your Employees

To be successful in driving your company to achieve its goals and mission, you need to know how to keep the productivity levels at the optimum levels. As the boss, you should be able to make your employees give their best consistently. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Here are 5 smart strategies that will help you optimize the productivity of your team:

  1. Ensure Your Employees Have the Right Tools – You cannot expect your employees to do their best without the right tools. You need to complement their skills with the right tools, whatever these might be. For example, if they work online, you better give them high-tech laptops with high-speed Internet connectivity and the latest software. Use the latest developments in technology to enable your employees to work smart.
  2. Keep the Environment at the Workplace Happy – The companies voted as the best workplaces go out of their way to ensure that their employees are happy at work. Google, SAS, NetApp, Boston Consulting Group and others that are often on the list of best companies to work for spend lots of time, effort and money on this aspect. This is because they understand that a happy employee works best.
  3. Keep the Job Interesting – This one might be a little tricky at times, but it is very important. The moment the job becomes dull and monotonous, the productivity levels will fall. Ensure that your team members are rotated in various jobs according to their abilities. In this way, they not only learn more about the company but also stay interested in what they are doing.
  4. Recognize Extra Effort with Appropriate Incentives – Though money is a great incentive, it is NOT the only one. In fact, very often people react much better when their boss genuinely appreciates their work and achievement in public. It is a good thing to reward good work and extra efforts whenever you see it. This makes your employees feel valued and needed – and this will keep the levels of productivity high.
  5. Assign Clear-cut Tasks – When you give a task, say it clearly stating exactly what you need as the outcome. Once the task is given, do not micro manage. You can definitely request periodic updates, but other than that you should let the employee do it their way. Clear communication is one of the main factors which can improve productivity greatly.