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5 Tips for Drafting Better Employee Performance Reviews

Preparing employee reviews is an art and provides an insight into the employer's level of skill in workforce management.

5 Tips for Drafting Better Employee Performance Reviews

Work assessments are required as part of the manager's job and they are not supposed to be boring and ordinary. You can include some suitable and action-oriented opinions of employees that augment the effective results. Experts speculate that full-fledged direct feedback through a performance review will often stop the employee from growing. Employees could even dislike the reaction and this could even lead to a lawsuit.

5 Tips for Drafting Better Performance Reviews for HR Personnel and Managers:

1. Diversify Your Review Aspects

You should not get impressed by or criticize just one or a few qualities. Instead, you must focus on the person's overall qualities. Employers at times permit a sole characteristic to greatly influence their ratings; instead, considering each performance facet is vital prior to assigning score to an individual. Otherwise it will be unfair to those who are otherwise steady with their performance and labors.

2. Avoid Comparisons

Comparing workers should be strictly avoided during appraisal of a performance. Also, it's not needed to compare an individual's habits or conduct with those of another employee. Comparisons may build up antipathy in the minds of employees and this is not healthy for any organization. Instead the company should promote the belief that all are capable of better performance, as this may well motivate them to perform better.

3. Escape from Contradictions

Contradicting yourself or anything you have ever said must not be done; avoid conveying varied feelings in regards to an employee's performance, as it can backfire on you. However, make sure you do clearly convey the person's better points and the points they need to work on.

4. Exclude Identical Reviews

Please note that when a manager grants all workers identical and regular ratings, it does not help the employees morale. This also may convey that the HR professional or manager can't perform his or her job in reviewing each person's individual performance.

5. Limit the Criticism

Ample emphasis should be given to both pros and cons. Most HR managers tend to give favor to a particular aspect that the employee shows such as overall weaknesses or grey areas. Make sure any criticisms are balanced, and stand independent of the assessment. To avoid issues, don't criticize where the problem is virtually non-existent.