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Want to Be Happy at Work? You Need to Break These 10 Bad Habits
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 05-24-2016

Summary: There are some work habits that need to be shown the door so that they stop interfering with your work performance and relationships.

Are You Doing One of These 7 Things That Make You Unlikeable at Work?
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 05-16-2016

Summary: Being liked at work is important if you want to succeed. You may not realize that you are doing things each day which prevents this from happening.

7 Helpful Hints to Loosening Up
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 05-09-2016

Summary: Releasing the pressure on ourselves to be more relaxed in our personal and professional relationships will translate into a peace of mind and success.

5 TED Talks to Motivate the Working Woman
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 04-25-2016

Summary: Women that find themselves balancing a full work schedule on top of their home responsibilities often need to find a way to stay motivated.

Stop Wasting Time Online with These Four Tips
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 03-25-2016

Summary: The amount of time we spend each day at work and on a computer is a lot for most people. In order to maximize that time, stay on track with these tips.

Four Tips on How to Tackle Your Personal Finances for Future Success
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 03-16-2016

Summary: Living on a small income may make budgeting seem impossible, but with small steps, overcoming the fear of budgeting and finding financial freedom is easy.

8 Conversation Starters to Use at Networking Events
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 03-09-2016

Summary: Use these examples of eight conversation starters at the next networking event you attend to make sure you get the most out of the event.

Organizational Tips from 7 Successful People
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 03-03-2016

Summary: Organization is a tough skill to develop at first, but once you start living an organized personal and professional life, you will see greater success.

Use These 7 TED Talks to Help You Find Inspiration
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 02-23-2016

Summary: Finding the motivation and innovation to get through a rough day at work can be straining, so let these TED talks inspire you.

Don’t Do These 12 Things If You Want to Be Mentally Strong
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 02-15-2016

Summary: Being able to be mentally strong is important for achieving success, so follow these tips of things not to do if you want to be considered mentally strong.

Four Ways You Can Become Debt Free with the Spending Diet
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 02-02-2016

Summary: The Spending Diet will help you cut back your expenses so that you can reach your financial goals faster and easier.

10 Investing Books That Will Help You Get Rich
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 01-21-2016

Summary: Investing is the smartest way to start making extra money. Read one or all of these highly recommended books to know how and where to start investing.

Boost Your Willpower and Concentration Abilities
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 01-12-2016

Summary: Here are nine ways you can work on your concentration and willpower so that you can get yourself refocused on the important tasks.

Hound's 20 Most Popular Career Advice Articles for 2015
By Sarah Garvey   |  Dated: 12-31-2015

Summary: Check out this list of the top 20 most popular career advice articles in 2015 on Hound.

Being Happy in Your Career Is Important
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 12-28-2015

Summary: Happiness comes from doing something we love, not from taking a job just because of a large paycheck. Find ways to make careers you are interested in work out.

Ten Celebrity Quotes to Boost Your Self-Confidence
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 12-15-2015

Summary: Read these celebrity quotes on the good days to strengthen your self-confidence and on the bad days to rebuild your confidence so that you never give up.

Celebrate the Little Things to Stay Motivated
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 12-02-2015

Summary: Not every day do you get a job promotion to get you excited about work, so take the time and effort to celebrate some of the smaller accomplishments in your career.

Ditch the Venting and Embrace Positive Thinking
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 11-16-2015

Summary: Negative thinking only brings you down and ruins any chances for success, so switch your mindset to turn the negative aspects of a job into chances to learn.

Trust the Outcome and Let Go of Your Control
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 11-09-2015

Summary: Work hard, but let things in your life play out the way they should instead of trying to force things to go your way.

Three Steps to Move Past Your Success Hangover
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 10-28-2015

Summary: Fear will often quietly creep up on you after enjoying a moment of success in your career, but it can be overcome with these simple steps.

Build Your Creativity by Watching These TV Shows
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 10-19-2015

Summary: Get your creative juices flowing by watching these TV shows to find inspiration and ideas for projects at the office.

Boost Your Energy without Coffee in Five Ways
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 10-12-2015

Summary: Caffeinated coffee can give us energy, but there are healthier ways to achieve that needed energy boost to get through the day.

Feng Shui Your Home to Gain Inner Peace in Your Life and Career
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 10-05-2015

Summary: No matter how positive our workspace or personal mind may be, until our home achieves a level of peace and balance, staying positive will be impossible.

Financial Freedom Leads to a Happy and Successful Life
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 09-28-2015

Summary: In order to gain control of your life, you have to first gain control of your finances.

Take Back Your Life with These Ten Tips to Help Beat Procrastination
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 09-21-2015

Summary: Procrastination is a killer of productivity and success. It eats away at our ability to be an active member of society. Here are some tips to help you overcome this habit.

Four Ways You Can Make Time in Your Busy Schedule to Give Back
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 09-14-2015

Summary: Look for ways around you that allow you to give back when you don’t have the time to commit hours to an organization.

Ten Awesome Podcasts That Invite Self-Improvement in Your Life and Career
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 09-02-2015

Summary: With all of us living busy lives, we need simpler and faster ways to absorb information that can help inspire and educate us.

Improve Your Financial Future Through Investing
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 08-24-2015

Summary: Smart investing can be possible and very beneficial to those that start early, even if you don’t have much to invest.

Six Ways to Change Your Life for the Better and Make Your Dreams Come True
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 08-17-2015

Summary: In order to make our dreams come true, we have to imagine them and figure out what it is about our ideal life that we desire so badly.

Do You Want to Gain Extra Hours Each Day?
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 08-03-2015

Summary: You can easily waste hours each day surfing the internet and watching TV. By eliminating those distractions, you can get a lot more accomplished.

Don’t Let These Four Habits Bring Your Self-Esteem Down
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 07-27-2015

Summary: Have you ever sat down and thought about what some of your daily habits are? There are many habits that we each have that may be helping or hurting us.

Spring Clean Your Brain and Your Home
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 07-20-2015

Summary: Get rid of the habits, thoughts, and clutter that prevent you from performing your best by throwing out the old to make room for the new.

6 Ways You Can Fulfill Your Quest for Personal Development
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 07-13-2015

Summary: The technology of today gives anyone to ability to improve themselves and have the life they want, usually at no charge.

Surviving the Night Shift
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 07-01-2015

Summary: The night shift has many positives, like building better relationships with coworkers and gaining more hands on experience.

5 Habits to Make You More Successful
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 06-23-2015

Summary: In order to be more productive each day, we have to eliminate the bad habits that are not helping us move forward with our goals or careers.

Gain New Knowledge with Free Classes
By Amanda Griffin   |  Dated: 06-16-2015

Summary: An abundance of free online courses are at your fingertips. Take the opportunity to learn new skills to benefit your resume and yourself.

Solutions to Work Related Stress
 Dated: 05-25-2015

Summary: We all often face stress levels in both our personal as well as professional lives. However, it is important that we overcome high stress levels as soon as possible to improve our life. Stress is a natural part of life and each and every one of us go through some levels of stress at some point in life. Too much stress can lead to various physical and mental ailments like chronic headaches, depression and many other serious health issues. Work place stress is quite common these days. Here are few self-improvement tips that will help you overcome stress at work.

How to Beat Job Burnout
 Dated: 05-19-2015

Summary: We all face job burnout at one point or another. However, this problem can be overcome. In most cases, job burnout is because of a difficult situation you are facing at work. If you change your mindset and find out how to solve your problems, you can easily deal with these kinds of situations at work and in your personal life. These simple and easy self-improvement tips and ideas will help you overcome job burnout scenarios.

Top 4 Tips on How to Build Your Brand
 Dated: 04-27-2015

Summary: Every business owner understands the importance of brand building. In order for any business to achieve growth and success it is essential for it to get the right kind of exposure and promotion. This not only helps people recognize the company, but also helps in building a brand. If done correctly, building a brand can result in a lot of profit for a company. Building a brand used to be very tough, and a company had to struggle to make its presence felt. Technology today enables small businesses of any size to promote their business using cost effective solutions that will help them grow and increase their profits fast.

Stress Management Tips for Retail Professionals
 Dated: 04-20-2015

Summary: Stress at work is common these days, no matter what field you belong to. However, people who work in the retail industry especially need to ensure they keep their stress levels in control, since they have direct interaction with clients on a regular basis.

Stress Management Tips for Sales Professionals
 Dated: 04-13-2015

Summary: It's a well-known fact that some of the most stressful jobs in the market these days are sales jobs. Sales positions do come with a number of perks, however, and the growth opportunities that sales jobs offer are a lot higher in comparison to most other jobs. However, if you plan of establishing a successful career in sales, you need to learn some effective stress management tactics to ensure you don't get frustrated early on in your career.

How to Manage a Family Life with a Job Overseas
 Dated: 03-16-2015

Summary: Overseas jobs can be a great opportunity that can help enhance your career in a number of ways. However, it's not always possible for you to take your family along with you. This means you need to learn how to effectively manage your finances so you can save more and give your family a better life.

Proper Etiquette at a Company Outing
 Dated: 03-09-2015

Summary: One of the best times to bond with your co-workers is a company outing or picnic. This is one of those rare occasions that you'll get to mingle with your bosses and colleagues outside of work, so you need to focus on proper work etiquette outside of work to avoid a mishap.

Build a Strong Network at Work
 Dated: 03-02-2015

Summary: It’s essential to connect with your co-workers and maintain healthy relationships with them in order to stay satisfied and happy at your workplace. The way you connect with your internal network speaks a lot about you as a person. This means that you need to focus on building a strong network at work.

Have a Positive Attitude at Work
 Dated: 02-23-2015

Summary: A positive attitude can help you achieve great success. The same rule applies for your workplace. It's important to love your job. However, if you're stuck at a job that you don't particularly enjoy, here are a few self-improvement tips that will help you overcome those negative thoughts and enable you to perform better at work.

5 Bad Habits You Should Overcome at Work
 Dated: 12-16-2014

Summary: We all want to put our best foot forward at work. There are a number of factors that might hold you down. Some of these factors could include bad habits. These habits could result in holding you back and hampering your career. You need to learn the art of overcoming bad habits in order to bring out the best in you.

How to Manage Relationships at Work
 Dated: 12-16-2014

Summary: Maintaining professional relationships at work is crucial. The relationships at work are different from personal relationships and if you’re looking for perfect work management then you need to get your act right at your workplace.

Tips to Improve Personal Presentation Skills at Work
 Dated: 11-18-2014

Summary: You might be great at what you do, but if you aren't fully capable of displaying your personal presentation skills then you are not in a secure position. You need personal development that can help you sell yourself as a brand. The better your skills, the better you'll be appreciated at work.

The Best Ways to Avoid Overeating at Work
 Dated: 11-03-2014

Summary: There are a number of people who complain of gaining weight due to the stress at work and unhealthy eating habits. Overeating at work is a common problem and if you’re one of those people who suffer from it, you need to control the amounts of food you eat before it begins to affect your health.

Ways to Instantly Improve Your Public Speaking
 Dated: 10-28-2014

Summary: One of the most important aspects of your life is the way you communicate. You may be talented and possess all the skills required to bag a perfect job, but the one thing that can hold you down is a lack of communication skills. While some people find it hard to frames sentences, others just find it hard to talk in front of others. No matter what your reason is, you need to get some public speaking tips in order to open up.

132 archived articles   Go to Page:   1 2 3

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